Things don’t always last forever. Sometimes though, this is a good thing. Like when a business decides to do away with an outdated pricing model, and replace it with something fresh, and more suited to their client’s needs.

Imagine a meeting where everyone has the information at their fingertips ?
Imagine a meeting where everyone has the information at their fingertips ?

We’ve been listening, and taking on board all your feedback about Dolphin. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. The  one thing that has jumped out at us load and clear, is that the way we started out selling Reports licenses, just isn’t working anymore.

Aren’t you tired of being the only person in the company that has reports access, and all the constant interruptions that come with the massive responsibility of being the Holder of the Reports License?

So, from 1 February, we’ll be selling Reports as a site license, instead of a per user module.

This is how the new pricing structure will work.

First – There will be a single Activation fee for the company, instead of a per user activation fee.

The small Print: This fee is not applicable if you have already previously paid activations for any per user Reports licenses in the past, and still have at least 1 active Reports license. We think it’s only fair that you don’t have to pay again. We’re also running a special up until the 31st March, for any clients who have never had any Reports on their Dolphin 4 license, where we’ll discount 50% off the activation fee for the new Site License.

Second We’ll add up how much licensing you pay for your Estimating, CRM, Planning and Production Modules, and your monthly licensing for the reports will be 10% of this value. It will go up or down as you add or remove these 4 “base Modules” to your license.

Lastly (and we’ve kept the best for last) you’ll have access to as many Reports users as you need from then on, no questions asked.

What if I already have Reports for all the users in my Company?

Your licensing is likely to decrease slightly. You’re very welcome!  🙂